COMPLAIN by Wilsman (Lyrics)

Here’s the lyric to the popular campus vibe “COMPLAIN”

Verse 1
I Just wanna start my Story with Once Upon a time
I met a little A Little Boy Begging, But I don’t got a dime
I couldn’t hide my face cos I was Standing Under the Sunshine
So when I see You Complaining when you got everything you need, I feel so sad
That’s why me sing….
I dunno why…why.. you Complaining…Brother stop Complaining
I dunno why…why.. You complaining
Sister stop complaining…

Verse 2
I see my people my people fighting, killing each other…
They are suffering…
There is nothing hidden under the sun..
If you live by the gun..
You will die by the Gun..
Am lyrically bleeding
Emotionally Singing
And Critically Thinking ..
Stop the Crisis..
Stop keeping Malice
I Preach what I practice
All I pray for is Peace….


Verse 3
One poor soul Dies.. It becomes a Headline…
A lotta People die.. It becomes a Newsline…
Am Asking for more call me Oliver Twist
They say they’re gonna bump me with their Fist
They don’t wanna invite me to their Feast
Am Hungry man need what to Eat…
I never got everything I ever wanted in my Life but I survived cos…
Ama Survivor…
So I gave all the little I can to the poor
Cos God give me more….


U gat a bread i got a butter
Bring yours I bring mine
Life would be better
Wilsman say so….

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Waziri

    December 16, 2016 at 7:39 am

    This is good…keep on bro.

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